Hotboxx’s ‘All The Smoke’ Radio Show Brings Fresh House Music to Listeners Globally in April


Miami-based DJ and producer Hotboxx has been keeping his listeners entertained with his weekly radio show ‘All The Smoke.’ As April unfolded, Hotboxx once again delivered an exciting lineup of music that showcased his unparalleled expertise in the House music genre. The April episodes featured tracks from Four Tet, Skrillex & Fred Again, The Martinez Brothers, and Wax Motif, to name just a few, alongside Hotboxx’s own tracks, including ‘Certified Freak’ and ‘Flavor’ with Bonilla. 

Hotboxx’s signature eclectic style was on full display in the April episodes, blending elements from different genres to create a fresh take on House music, as he effortlessly navigates between Deep House, Tech House, and Afro House, among others, providing listeners with a unique and dynamic musical experience. 

Listeners were also treated to a range of hidden gems from emerging producers, highlighting Hotboxx’s commitment to showcasing fresh talent in the House music scene. These carefully curated tracks provided a refreshing break from the mainstream and demonstrated the passion that drives Hotboxx’s dedication to the genre. 

In addition to featuring tracks from other producers, and his own tracks, ‘Certified Freak’ and ‘Flavor’ with Bonilla, to name some, he also shared some unreleases music ready to get the party started; all these tracks demonstrate Hotboxx’s versatility as a Producer and his ability to create infectious, danceable beats that complement the other tracks in the episodes. 

The success of ‘All The Smoke’ continues to be reflected in its broadcast on radio stations worldwide, including Germany, Portugal, the UK, Ireland, the US, and Italy, among others. Hotboxx’s growing reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative DJs in the underground House music scene is well-deserved, and his dedication to promoting fresh talent in the genre is clear. 

April episodes of ‘All The Smoke’ demonstrated Hotboxx’s unmatched expertise in the House music genre and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of Electronic music, with his signature eclectic style, Hotboxx continues to inspire up-and-coming producers worldwide as he creates an immersive listening experience for House music enthusiasts across the globe. The future looks bright for ‘All The Smoke,’ and we can’t wait to see what Hotboxx has in store for us in the upcoming episodes. 

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