Salvione’s ‘Elevated Radio’ Continues to Deliver High-Quality Tech House Music With Baikonur Recordings Takeover


Salvione’s ‘Elevated Radio’ has done it again, bringing some of the most exciting names in Tech House to its listeners in April with a Baikonur Recordings takeover. The episodes featured Nicole Fiallo, MISHA, and Vladan Krstic, each of whom showcased their unique sounds and styles to create an unforgettable listening experience. As the label behind some of the biggest hits in Tech House, Baikonur Recordings is a perfect fit for ‘Elevated Radio’, each guest brought their own take on the genre, delivering sets that blended tracks from both established and emerging artists to create a seamless listening experience; Nicole Fiallo, MISHA, and Vladan Krstic were able to demonstrate their skills as talented artists in the genre, showcasing a mix of tracks that were a true celebration of the Tech House scene. 

Salvione’s ability to curate such an exciting and engaging listening experience is proof of his passion and experience in the House and Tech House genre; with each episode of ‘Elevated Radio’, he continues to showcase the best new music in the genre, while also providing a platform for rising talent to share their music with a wider audience. 

Listeners were treated to a high-energy listening experience that showcased the diversity of House and Tech House music, with each guest delivering a mix that kept the energy high from start to finish. The Baikonur Recordings takeover was a true highlight, with Salvione bringing together some of the most exciting names in the genre for a series of unforgettable episodes. 

‘Elevated Radio’ is gaining traction, with the show now slotting in the weekly programming of radio stations all over the world. Salvione’s DJ skills, combined with the talents of his guests, make it an exciting and engaging listening experience that leaves listeners wanting more, as with each episode, they’re sure to discover new tracks and artists that will keep them energized and excited about the present and future of House and Tech House. 

If you’re a fan of Tech House music, then ‘Elevated Radio’ is a must-listen show; Salvione’s ability to curate a high-quality listening experience is unmatched, as every month he continuously proves that he’s not slowing down any time soon, with each episode of ‘Elevated Radio’, you will be transported to the heart of the House and Tech House scene, with some of the most exciting names in the genre delivering sets that will leave you wanting more. 

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