IND:RA Premiers His Fresh, New Radio Show ‘RE:SET Radio’


In June, the talented Producer and DJ IND:RA premiered his new radio show, ‘RE:SET Radio.’ As an artist passionate about the depth and versatility of Electronic Music, IND:RA now brings his decades’ worth of experience to his latest venture, promising to bring powerful sonic experiences with each episode. With mixes that explore the diverse landscape of Melodic Techno, House and Progressive House, IND:RA puts forward his favourite tracks, spotlighting an eclectic range of Artists, from rising stars to renowned VIPs: an exciting new pursuit for IND:RA, ‘RE:SET Radio’ is poised to gain traction and capture attention. 

Having been making a name for himself as a distinct figure within the genre, devoted to the progression of Electronic Music, particularly in his homeland of India, IND:RA seeks to broaden his global audience, offering a fresh extension of his creativity, talents, and sound. With a well-developed approach, having honed a style that spans across genres, IND:RA now works to curate impactful track line-ups that highlight his musical originality whilst appearing innovative and unique in the various sounds he offers.  

Considered in his selections, IND:RA’s debut episodes during June put forward a dynamic blend of high-energy beats, innovative sounds, and captivating melodies, offering listeners a diverse auditory journey. From known Artists like Hidden Empire and 19:26 to tracks from emerging stars, including Melodiam’s ‘Splash of Luck’, June’s mixes came as an exciting indicator of the refreshing sounds and uplifting vibes that listeners can expect to hear from ‘RE:SET Radio.’ Woven throughout the track listings were productions from IND:RA’s own catalogue, including his recent remix of Motorcycle’s ‘As The Rush Comes’ and his original track, ‘Remember Me;’ enriching episodes whilst spotlighting his production talents and distinct signature sound, IND:RA aims to use his platform to share his unique approach with listeners further afield, deeply motivated to deliver high-quality content that celebrates the diversity and depth of the genre.  

So, with the launch of ‘RE:SET Radio’ marking an exciting new chapter for IND:RA, be sure to tune in and dive further into his creative world, immersing yourself in his seamlessly blended mixes to experience the punchy sounds, refreshing music and hottest discoveries he is sure to keep delivering. 

Listen to ‘RE:SET Radio’ Now: 

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