Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ Delivers High-Energy Episode in June


June brought another high-energy episode of Sander Wilder’s monthly show ‘Global Feelings,’ captivating listeners with a carefully curated mix that showcased his deep love for Progressive and Melodic House. As Sander Wilder continues demonstrating his ability to blend the freshest sounds on the scene to create engaging listening experiences for his fans, the talented Producer and DJ keeps his creative bar high, pushing for innovation and originality within his artistry.  

Last month’s episode was proof of Sander Wilder’s keen ear for quality and his dedication to showcasing a diverse array of talent. The mix featured standout tracks from Artists like KREAM and ANUQRAM, seamlessly interwoven with releases from emerging talents such as Monostone and Sundrej Zohar. This dynamic blend ensured a diverse and well-balanced listening experience whilst cementing ‘Global Feelings’ as a dynamic platform for up-and-coming talents to shine. Sander Wilder’s commitment to featuring fresh Producers and DJs underscores his support and dedication towards the evolution of Electronic Music, remaining enthusiastic to diving deep within its landscape to discover the next influential innovator. 

A defining feature throughout Sander Wilder’s episodes is the inclusion of his own productions, adding a distinctive touch to the mix and utilising the opportunity to share his unique production sound with a broader audience. Within June’s episode, Sander Wilder featured an unreleased track from his catalogue; as he teased his next single, elevating the sonic excitement, Sander Wilder brought attention to his signature style, highlighting his original approach as a DJ and Producer.  

Offering listeners a diverse and dynamic selection of music, Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ remains a platform that celebrates the current state of Progressive and Melodic House whilst hinting at its bright future with the incorporation of the next rising stars. With each episode delivering a rich and varied mix, Sander Wilder’s deep understanding of the genre and his passion for its growth continues to shine through, cementing ‘Global Feelings’ as a distinct branch of his artistry and the ideal destination to dive deeper into his creative world. 

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