Jacob Colon Unleashed Powerful New Episodes of His Unmissable Radio Show ‘Made To Move’ Throughout August


Heating up the airwaves, Jacob Colon delivered electrifying energy throughout August with his radio show ‘Made To Move’. As he presented an exceptional blend of groovy beats and intoxicatingly punchy tracks, Jacob Colon unleashed his powerful signature style, captivating listeners across the globe with his impressive talents and admirable mixing skills.

With each episode, Jacob Colon fearlessly pushed the boundaries of Electronic Music to curate uniquely enthralling auditory experiences. Guiding listeners through striking track line-ups that included a diverse range of artists, from rising stars within the genre to established VIP names, Jacob Colon delivered sonically surprising moments with every episode. As he continues to lead his listeners on exciting voyages of musical discovery, Jacob Colon presents an unwaveringly passionate enthusiasm for the genre and a committed approach to shining a light on the vast and vibrantly colourful landscape of Electronic Music.

One of the standout moments of the month was the addition of Jacob Colon’s most recent production, ‘Backroom’; a characteristically hard-hitting track that delivers his usual dynamic grooves and electrifying energy, this latest release was dropped earlier this summer via Miami 305 Records. As he showcases his own signature sound and skilful talents as a Producer, Jacob Colon also works to spotlight the new and fresh sounds currently coming from Electronic Music: delving into the intricacies of Tech House, Afro House, and Latin House, Jacob Colon continues to bring a uniquely groovy and funky energy to his episodes, feeding listeners with pulse-racing mixes and adrenaline-fuelled listens that are sure to leave them hungry for more.

As ‘Made To Move’ keeps growing in popularity, now reaching global audiences on over 40 international radio stations, Jacob Colon emerges as a prominent tastemaker within the Electronic Music realm. Dropping new episodes weekly, the talented Producer and DJ translates his refreshingly innovative signature style into thrilling and captivating radio mixes that are sure to evoke motion in his listeners. Fast becoming the go-to destination for genre enthusiasts to get their fix of vibrantly energetic Electronic Music, ‘Made To Move’ is poised to take over the airwaves, promising to continue delivering party-starter vibes with each new episode.

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