Avi Sic Dropped Impressive Episodes of Her Radio Show ‘Late Checkout’ Throughout August


Electrifying the airwaves and captivating listeners worldwide, Avi Sic’s radio show, ‘Late Checkout’, has gained a reputation amongst genre enthusiasts as the ideal destination to explore the hottest releases within Electronic Music. As she features tracks from iconic artists within the genre and productions from her own striking release catalogue, Avi Sic delivers an immersive listening experience, demonstrating her exceptional tastes and admirable mixing skills.

The month of August was another unmissable month for followers of ‘Late Checkout’ as Avi Sic dropped smash new episodes, delivering pulse-racing beats, infectiously intense grooves, and mighty-sounding soundscapes; her innate ability to curate unique sonic experiences is an impressive talent that sets her apart from her peers within the Electronic Music realm and cements her as one of the top DJs and Producers currently on the scene today. As she consistently presents a highly energetic show, shining a light on the eclectic and colourful landscape of Electronic Music, Avi Sic emerges as a true trailblazing force: a prominent tastemaker on the scene.

Throughout the August episodes, Avi Sic added another layer of excitement to the show as several special guests joined the party. Steff Da Campo, Mariana Bo, and MOTi each delivered their own unique mixing styles, elevating the listening experience to even higher heights. No stranger to welcoming guest stars, the show has an ever-growing list of featured Producers, including BLOND: ISH, Mike Williams, Gianluca Vacchi, and Nicky Romero. As she keeps the show unpredictable and fresh, with a blend of established and up-and-coming talent, Avi Sic showcases a dedication to bringing surprising sonic experiences to her followers: a diverse and varied listen, ‘Late Checkout’ continues to present the best of the genre.

As she continues to take listeners on exciting and thrilling auditory adventures, Avi Sic demonstrates an infectious enthusiasm and passion for Electronic Music. With a popularity that is only set to grow, ‘Late Checkout’ brings an unmatched energy to airwaves around the globe, serving to showcase Avi Sic’s unparalleled talents as a DJ and Producer; an unmissable listen for all fans of the genre, the show has cemented its place as a powerful force within Electronic Music, solidifying Avi Sic’s influence on the scene as her name continues to climb high on the list of innovative Producers and DJs within the genre. 

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