July’s “In The Mix” Episodes Showcase Tony Kay’s Command of House Music


Tony Kay’s radio show “In The Mix” strikes again with another impressive month filled with highly energetic episodes and captivating listens. Showcasing his impeccable taste and skilful mixing abilities, Tony Kay delivers a seamless blend of tracks to guide listeners through the exciting and dynamic landscape of House music.  

Bringing a thoughtfully curated line-up of tracks to listeners around the globe, “In The Mix” has a reputation and popularity that is growing rapidly. Now, the radio show is featured on over 20 radio stations worldwide, solidifying its prominent position within the Electronic Music scene and placing Tony Kay at the forefront of the genre. 

July’s episodes of “In The Mix’ delivered unmissable auditory adventures, invigorating listeners with Tony Kay’s signature sound and introducing the latest cutting-edge tracks within House Music. As he shines a light on the fresh new sounds within Electronic Music, Tony Kay showcases productions from the next rising stars, appearing as a supportive presence within the community. His unwavering passion for the genre cements him to be a driving force within Electronic Music, promising to continue exceeding expectations with high-octane mixes and mesmerising listening experiences. 

As fans eagerly anticipate each episode of “In The Mix”, Tony Kay prepares to deliver a unique listening journey that delves into the genre through innovative track listings and sonically surprising productions. Keeping his listeners engaged, Tony Kay presents an experienced knowledge of the genre and an up-to-date understanding of current trends and revolutionary additions, distinguishing him as a leading tastemaker within the ever-evolving landscape of Electronic Music. The perfect radio show for new fans of the genre to start discovering, “In The Mix” features an eclectic range of music that spotlights the diversity of Electronic Music; a supportive beacon within the community, the radio show has an exciting and passionate vibe that captivates enthusiasts and keeps them wanting more. Make sure to follow Tony Kay to be updated with the show’s latest episodes. 

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