Elevate Your Musical Journey: Salvione’s ‘Elevated Radio’ Delivers Top-tier Tracks in July


Salvione’s renowned radio show, “Elevated Radio”, has become a staple for fans of Electronic Music searching for expertly curated mixes to energise and excite their week. July proved to be yet another impeccable month, with the show delivering a succession of hard-hitting episodes that delved into the vibrant landscape of House and Tech House, leaving listeners invigorated with infectious beats and mesmerising track line-ups.   

Throughout the July episodes, Salvione added another layer of excitement to the show with the inclusion of special guest, Classy Touch; elevating the listening experience to new heights, Classy Touch delivered an exclusive mix of House tracks, displaying his own unique mixing style to listeners and presenting a fresh new perspective to the show. Not one to shy away from spotlighting rising talent, the show has an ever-growing list of featured guests, including Tone Troy and CHANNE and KEFFI, to name just a couple, and track listings that showcase the latest music from new artists. Dedicated to bringing surprising sonic experiences to his followers, Salvione keeps the show unpredictable and fresh; a blend of established and up-and-coming talent, “Elevated Radio” continues to showcase the best of the genre.  

Salvione’s ability to curate a seamless mix of electrifying tracks that keep engaging with listeners week after week is what sets “Elevated Radio” apart from other shows. His mixing style is high in quality and energy, delivering auditory adventures that guide through diverse productions and captivating mixes. This is why “Elevated Radio” is quickly becoming a popular choice among genre enthusiasts; with a growing reputation, the show brings an unparalleled energy that proves Salvione to be one of the most exciting DJs and Producers of today.  

As he takes listeners on a thrilling sonic journey through every episode, Salvione expresses an infectious enthusiasm and passion for the genre. An enjoyable experience for both seasoned fans of House and Tech House music and listeners only just beginning to explore the genre, “Elevated Radio” continues to deliver a mix of the hottest new tracks within Electronic Music and is sure to get any party started. A show worth tuning into, “Elevated Radio” is certainly not to be missed.  

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