June Saw Cody Chase Offer Diverse and Hard-Hitting Music on ‘The Chase’


Cody Chase’s radio show ‘The Chase’ delivered another month of stellar episodes throughout June, further solidifying his reputation as a dynamic force on the Techno and Tech House scene. With each episode meticulously curated, Cody Chase ensured that his listeners were treated to a diverse array of sounds and high-energy mixes, bringing impactful track lineups featuring the work from various Artists whilst taking the opportunity to spotlight his latest release, ‘Sweet Relief.’ As June, again, brought attention to his creativity and skill, Cody Chase continues to establish himself as a talent to take note of.  

With Cody Chase remaining dedicated to expanding the reach of his radio show, seeking to captivate more listeners from around the globe, each month sees the talented Producer and DJ drop high-quality episodes. His ability to mix fresh releases with well-known classics demonstrates his impeccable taste and deep knowledge of Techno and Tech House, with each mix coming as a carefully crafted journey detailed with pounding basslines, melodic hooks, and powerful drops. As fans keep tuning in week after week, eager to hear what Cody Chase will offer them next, ‘The Chase’ is quickly becoming a destination for genre lovers to get their fix of intoxicating music, further cementing Cody Chase as a prominent tastemaker within Electronic Music.  

During June, Cody Chase ensured that each mix delivered engaging experiences, presenting listeners with an array of sonic delights that showcased the breadth and depth of his musical passion. His dedication to showcasing emerging artists was particularly evident in June’s episodes, with each mix bringing a dynamic selection of tracks from rising stars, delivering the fresh and innovative sounds of talents like Lollow, Roger Lavelle, and Carlo Ruetz. By featuring the work of up-and-coming talents, Cody Chase not only highlights his keen ear for discovering new music but also provides a vital platform for Artists to reach a broader audience. This commitment to supporting emerging talent underscores his position within the genre, continually ensuring that ‘The Chase’ remains an active participant when it comes to the evolution of Electronic Music.  

As his enthusiasm for discovering new music and sharing it with his listeners remains strong, Cody Chase maintains his momentum, striving to raise the bar each month as he curates more compelling mixes for ‘The Chase’. So, be sure to tune in throughout July to hear the sonic excitement that Cody Chase promises to bring.   

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