Kebi – Behind The Scenes Of ‘Stay Up (Never Come Down)


Hailing from Canada, threefold talent Kebi specializes in DJing, Producing, and creating art, viewing his human experiences as a spiritual canvas of expression. Kebi grew up in the suburbs of New York, where he spent his childhood getting acquainted with many different genres of music that helped shape the sound people know as Kebi today. After learning the piano, the drums, and a short yet solid effort at the trumpet, Kebi discovered CDJ’s and the world of electronic music – and from there, his life would never be the same.

Hey Kebi, great to hear from you. First off, how are you doing?

Hello! Doing amaaaazing! Every day is the best!

– Tell us about the inspiration behind ‘Stay Up’? 

Honestly, I think it was the previous track Runnin’ that I did with Zachy Feels that sparked the inspiration. I wanted to make another feel good summer type of track with some more decorative synth work. As far as synths go, Sebastian Leger is always my main source of inspiration.

– What was the deciding factor in collaborating the Kebi and Zach Field sounds together?

I grew up in the same small town in Connecticut with Zach, so he is actually a good friend of mine. His creativity and lightness around music really match well with my production style : ).

– What’s your working relationship like?  

Either one of us will have an idea, then we just send it back and forth until something comes to fruition haha. For this track in particular, I had this melody written and the lyrics kinda just fell into place while producing it. I actually sent Zach this song for him to add guitar and sing the vocals, but he said he liked my vocals and wanted to keep it as is! It’s funny I recorded these vocals as a demo and it actually got used in the final track ; ).

– How have you found making music during Covid restrictions?  

Idk I feel like for us, music producers who are really grinding in the studio, the daily life hasn’t changed all too much haha life is already like a chosen quarantine of sorts.

– How would you describe the Kebi sound? 

Funky, happy, bright, nostalgic, good vibes.

– What’s your favourite part of the release?

It’s gotta be that my vocals were actually used in the track because as I previously mentioned I recorded those simply as a demo for somebody else to sing haha.

– How has the initial reaction been?

Good! My mom likes it, so that really means it’s a hit : ).

– Can we look forward to hearing more Kebi releases this year?

Yes yes yes yes! Sososososo much new music on the way. I’m currently in the middle of lots of projects, all types of feels and sounds and styles. Really excited to be dialing everything these days and pumping out releases. Feeling inspired and motivated especially with the world opening back up and tour schedules starting to happen. Can’t wait to be playing lots of new music live.

– Finally, where can we go to check out the release? 

You can check out the release on your normal go-to streaming platform of choice! Supported by Day Dose of House.

Kebi Online: Instagram / Linktree / Website

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