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Ken has a long list of career accolades under his belt, including some of his hottest releases this year turning heads in the industry like ‘Free’ and ‘The Sirens are Calling’. We caught up with Ken to discuss more about how he spent his summer. Ken’s appreciation and understanding of electronic music is derived from his recent display of dancefloor bangers, primed to make people from around the globe want to get up and dance. Catch up with Ken with this latest ‘Summer 2021’ interview:

– What is your favourite part of the summer?

As I live in Sweden the favourite part of the summer for me is the summer itself. But also, being able to dress more casually, going to the beach and just enjoying the warm weather.

– Best summer festival?

The ones that actually happen.

– Have you got a summer highlight?

My 4-week vacation.

What have you missed the most this summer?

The summer festivals.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Gran Canarias and Florida Beach but I am planning to go to Los Angeles next year.

Have you got any top tips for staying cool?

Drink a lot of water, find a place in the shadow, and listen to music from Ken Bauer. 

Does your music change at all during the summer months?

I was going to say no but coming to think about it I tend to add more Samba rhythmic patterns and swing to my music in the summer. Interesting, thanks for asking. 

Name one thing you are looking forward to doing next summer? 

Visiting my friends in Los Angeles.

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