Marvinmarvelous Gives His Opinion Answering An Exciting ‘Yes/No’ Interview


Accomplished DJ and music producer Marvinmarvelous continues to amaze with his hard-hitting productions. His weekly radio show ‘The Marvin Show’ keeps growing its fanbase, having more than 30 stations broadcasting his powerful mixes every week. His signature style and sound make him an iconic name in the Electronic music world, and while he continues working on new music in the studio, and curating fresh mixes for his radio show, we sat down with him to get to know his opinion on a few topics; this is what he said. 

  1. Hello Marvin, how are you?  
    Hello! All good! 
  1. We’d like to ask you some Yes/No questions and we’d like to know the reason behind every answer, are you ready?  
    Sure thing, or rather, yes. 
  1. Is West Coast better than East Coast?   
    No.  Both coasts have their benefits.  The L.A. is where everyone wants to be, so you can usually meet the people you want to see much easier.  The east coast has New York and Miami, what else needs to be said. 
  1. Is Tech house better than Deep House?  
    No.  Deep House usually is more musical, so you can listen to it in more situations.  Tech House is just going to make you want to dance. 
  1. Are original tracks better than remixes?  
    No.  Not always.  Sometimes a great remix can really open up a song to be better.  It’s like having a collaboration, only with a finished song.  
  1. Are early sets better than late-night performances?   
    They both can be great.  It takes a special talent to warm up a crowd, keep them engaged, and set up the night for the following DJ.   
  1. Is performing live better than producing music?  
    Yes.  There’s nothing like having a live audience and taking them on a musical journey over the course of a set. 
  1. Are large crowds better than smaller audiences?  
    No.  Some of the best sets I’ve ever had were in a small club with 50 people.  Small situations are more intimate. 
  1. Do you prefer mixing live over mixing for your show?   
    Yes.  If I’m DJing for a live audience, I’m going to mix live, because I have to read the room.  With my radio show ‘The Marvin Show’, I usually prepare that ahead of time. 
  1. For performing, are nightclubs better than festivals?   
    No.  Both can be fun.  Most DJ’s that I know, enjoy the after hour shows as much or more than their festival sets. 

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