Jacob Colon Tells Us What He Prefers In An Entertaining ‘Yes or No’ Interview


Jacob Colon is showing no signs of halting, following the great success of his latest release ‘Open Gates’ via his label ‘Made to Move’, the talented DJ and music producer continues to amaze setting up his schedule of releases of the coming months. And while he also curates hard-hitting mixes for his weekly radio show ‘Made to Move Radio’, that is currently being broadcasted in over 30 global stations, and recently reached its 100th episode, we got some time out of his busy schedule to ask his opinion on different topics. Here’s what he said 

  1. Hi Jacob Colon, how are you?  

I’ve been really well. Staying busy with my day-to-day work and as always putting together new material for the summer.  

We’d like to ask you some Yes/No questions and we’d like to know the reason behind every answer, are you ready 

  1. Is the East Coast better than the West Coast? 

East Coast. I was born and raised in NY. Despite the beauty around the West Side, I feel the metropolitan New York vibe is where my heart is.   

  1. Is the Spring better than the Summer? 

Summer for me. Though I enjoy the spring weather more, the summer brings nice day parties and weekend brunches. So, for entertainment purposes, summer.  

  1. Would you say reggaeton hits harder than dancehall? 

Yes. For me, dancehall incorporates more RnB influences so I feel the vibe is a bit softer than reggaeton.  

  1. Is an early set better than a late-night performance? 

Late night but it also depends on how late.  

  1. Is an extended version superior over a radio edit? 

For the clubs, extended version for sure. It gives me room to mix through and layer the intro or outro of a track. With the extra 16 or 32 bars, I can flip the track into something new with an acapella for example, while introducing and mixing in a third or fourth song.  

  1. Would you say Ibiza is better than Berlin? 

Ibiza, but I’m a little biased because I haven’t been to Berlin yet. I’ll be there sooner than later so we can revisit the question, lol.  

  1. Are original versions better than remixes? 

Remixes are treasures for me when your able to recreate a classic sound with something newer and fresh. With this type of project, the remix has to hit or hit even harder than the original simply because if it doesn’t you lose the essence or feeling that the song brings to the listener.   

  1. Do you prefer performing over producing? 

Personally, I prefer producing. I get a different sense of passion when I create something from scratch, not to say mixing during a performance is limiting. But for me, I enjoy creating melodies and chord progressions. Not to mention, my music career started off as a piano player. 
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