MOTVS drops new peak time techno EP ‘DNA’

UMEK’s record label, 1605, welcomes a devastatingly powerful peak time techno EP from MOTVS.

MOTVS is an Italian artist making his 1605 debut following releases on other respected techno record labels such as T78’s Autektone Records, Cosmic Boy’s Legend and Spartaque’s Codex. He is also the co-founder of Exetra Records which has been a regular outlet for his enthralling style of techno.

He is a veteran producer who has been releasing music under various aliases for over a decade. MOTVS style is a fusion of high-speed percussion and enrapturing synth lines that are shrouded in a menacing atmosphere.

DNA” opens the release with its bone-rattling bassline and thrashing high-end percussion that’s underpinned by a slamming kick drum. It builds towards a tantalising breakdown with a thought-provoking vocal sample that builds suspense before the track erupts with electrifying synth stabs.

Automa” has a pulsating bassline and lurching synth textures that combine with fast-paced percussion rhythms and eerie vocals that add to the track’s ominous atmosphere. Taking no prisoners, it’s got an unstoppable momentum that’s ready to set the dance floor alight.

Buy the release HERE.

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