MR.BLACK discusses new single ‘Flight 303’ and upcoming album ‘Tranceformation’


Scaling new heights of adrenaline-pumped techno and psytrance energy, MR.BLACK drops almighty single ‘Flight 303’ on his own HYBIT imprint via Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.

The high-octane main stage anthem is the first single to premiere from the Israeli DJ and producer’s debut album ‘Tranceformation’ which is due to land this summer along with a tour. We caught up with MR.BLACK to get the full scoop on what’s in store.

Thanks for joining us MR.BLACK and congratulations on your new single ‘Flight 303.’ For anyone who hasn’t heard it just yet, what’s to be expected from the track? 

“Thank you! Happy to be here. ‘Flight 303’ has a unique and interesting vocal. This track truly conceptualises and represents a part of the album, which is me combining and transforming sounds and elements I love in music into my own trance version. Hence the album title: ‘Tranceformation.’ On ‘Flight 303’ I blend sounds from the techno and acid genres together with special vocals that remind me of trance.”  

‘Flight 303’ is out now on HYBIT.

‘Flight 303’ is the debut single from your album ‘Tranceformation’ which will be out later this year. What sounds and inspirations can be heard in the album? 

“Anything from old school trance elements, techno, rave, psytrance, classic music all mixed into a high energy album. You can find also Prodigy-style, breakbeat, and drum & bass.”

How did you find the process of writing your debut album as a whole? Are there any collaborations included? 

“I always did what I love, which is to fuse wide range of elements into something special, it always helps me to think outside of the box and I love seeing others liking it too. On my upcoming album, I focused mainly in trying to bring my vision to life, that’s why the collaborations in Tranceformation are more with vocalists and not much with other producers.”

You’ve also announced an album tour on your social media. What can we expect from your live sets? And are there any shows that you’re particularly excited for? 

My live shows always bring a lot of energy. I put my heart and soul into every live set. Even when it comes to the organisation, I am very hands-on in creating a special experience for my fans. From the creation of my VJ, to lights, to special remixes and edits for each country I’m in or different clubs and festivals.”

Touring a new album sounds fun but super busy! What do you like to do to relax when you’re not on the road or in the studio? 

“In my off-time from touring or producing new music in my studio I really like to have dinners with my good friends, that’s my favourite. My managers really like my cooking capabilities too haha!  There’s not a good meal without a decent red wine for me. I also like to go to the beach whenever I can, and I try to spend my free time exploring and studying different stuff that interests and inspires me.”

What’s your long-term vision for your HYBIT label? 

We are now in the 2nd year of HYBIT, and after we brought various big and interesting names from the trance genre, it’s time for me to drop my own album.”

“HYBIT keeps growing and there are big plans from me and my team together with the Revealed (Recordings) team for the future of HYBIT.”

Previous projects such as the ‘Lift Your Energy’ DJ set powered by Tesla cars in 2022 would suggest you have a keen interest for modern technology. As an artist, what are your thoughts on the presence of AI in music making? And how do you see its role in music developing?  

“Tesla was a very interesting and an important project for me. Since COVID I define myself as an entrepreneur, together with being a DJ and Producer. I think music and technology goes together. I did a lot of collaborations with big companies, but Tesla is without a doubt one of the most interesting of the bunch. We used Tesla’s tech to combine the lights, cameras and all the other innovative features of their vehicles into my music and set, to create a great audio-visual performance.” 

“Regarding AI, I see it evolves too many, if not any, directions. I think it’s going to the change the world and we would see it everywhere, also in the music industry.”

What final message would you like to leave for our readers and your fans? 

“I love my crowd, and everywhere I go in the world I try to see and speak with them, and generally get to know them. I do a lot of ‘meet and greets’ so if anyone is interested in hanging out, just look for me wherever I am performing. Can’t wait to see you all during my tour this year.”

“Thanks for having me! Always a pleasure.” 

‘Flight 303’ the debut single from MR.BLACK’s upcoming Tranceformation album is out now.

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