New tracks, tour dates, and Christmas plans; we sat down with the World Famous DJ and Producer MATTN.


We sat down briefly with the incredibly talented DJ/producer, MATTN to talk about her feature on the new ‘The Crystal Winter’ album out with established imprint Smash the House, along with her upcoming tour dates and Christmas plans. The Crystal Winter is an album filled with anthems, covers and Christmas tunes to finish off 2022 in a huge way. MATTN has achieved an enumeration of successes throughout her musical career; she has received tens of millions of streams on her tracks and has performed to crowds of hundreds of thousands across the globe, from Tomorrowland to Creamfields.

Hey MATTN, thanks for taking the time to chat to us today!
The Crystal Winter compilation album has dropped just in time to be everybody’s favourite Christmas album. What’s your favourite original Christmas tune?

Without a doubt “All I want for Christmas is you” from Mariah Carey. This song instantly brings me in a Christmas mood. When we’re on tour in Asia we always love to do karaoke and this song is one we always sing. 

We love your collaborations on the new The Crystal Winter compilation on Smash The House! How did the collaboration for ‘Englishman In New York’ come about?

The Crystal Winter album is part of an annual series of albums that Smash The House releases and it was great to contribute to Englishman in New York! After recently releasing Somebody To Love with Klaas and Dino Warriors it was great to collaborate with Dino Warriors again on this, and with Suark (a great upcoming talent) on the record as well it came together amazingly.

Listen to MATTN’s ‘Englishman in New York’ out now!

Your single ‘Girlz Wanna Have Fun’ also features on The Crystal Winter album. How has the response to the song been since its release? 

It’s been huge! It’s a classic song that still works with every kind of audience, young & old. Wherever I play the track, it gets everybody dancing. 

Listen to MATTN’s ‘Girlz Wanna Have Fun’ out now!

What are your Christmas plans looking like this year? Any exciting tour dates lined up?

Christmas is my favourite holiday and that, I wanna spend with my Family. So, the days before and after Christmas are always locked in my schedule.

The Sportpaleis shows for 20,000 people the week before Christmas are the last one I play and then I’m off until NYE. This year I will play in Antalya in Regnum Carya, a lovely hotel I’ve played before this year. 

And finally, what are your plans for 2023?

My touring schedule is looking quite busy for 2023 already. And we’re finally able to tour again in Asia and North America, something that I love! So that are shows that I’m looking forward to after a few years without. The European festival summer is also something to look forward to! 

Thanks for joining us MATTN!

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Listen to The Crystal Winter album below!

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