Exclusive Interview with Swiss Rising Star DJ Zoree


Hi Zoree, welcome to EDM Cave! How are you and where are we speaking to you from today?
Hey nice to meet you and to be here! I am doing great! Just signed a label deal with Sirup Music, which is a dream come true!

I am currently in My home in Bonaduz, Switzerland. I moved into my girlfriend’s home and we are living now together with her mother and our 3 dogs.

You are from a village in the Swiss mountains! How do you feel your upbringing helped to bring you into the music scene?
The mountains always motivated and inspired me a lot. I like to hike and I always hiked back in my younger ages together with my dad! When I have a writers block, I just have to go out and enjoy the beautiful wilderness before I try to go further with my productions!

Who were your inspirations to become a DJ/producer?
Hardwell! His Set at the Tomorrowland 2012 Mainstage inspired me so much, that I said I wanna do this as well and play sometime as well on such a big stage! I also had a release on Revealed Recordings in 2018 which was pretty cool. Besides that I really love all the Danny Avila Tourvlogs!

What track of yours do you think perfectly expresses your identity as a producer?
I have some upcoming tracks which identify me the best! To this day I would say “Emoji Love” and “Don’t Give It Up” express my feelings the best!

How would you describe your sound to someone who isn’t familiar with you?
Some Funky Slap House Vibes mixed with fresh hard Basslines!

What is the best stage you’ve ever played on?
The Forestland 2022 in Croatia was such a cool experience!

Where do you hope to play over the next few years?
All over the world! I would love to play EVERYWHERE and meet a lot of new amazing people! I would like to play in Miami or Las Vegas sometime next year.

Who would your dream collaboration be?
Martin Garrix, EDX, Mike Candys or James Hype! Would be so sick!

How do you stay motivated when it comes to making new music?
When I need motivation, I just think about what happened in the past weeks, months and years. This time gave so much power to keep doing what I love the most!

Any up-and-coming producers we should be looking out for?
Well, there are a lot of good upcoming producers! Check out Nyron, Mister Alive for sure or Jack Dylan! They are all from Switzerland and they are really talented!

Where can we follow you?
On My Socials:

Any last words for our readers?
I hope you can get more into my music and myself and I wish all of you a beautiful Christmas Time! Stay safe and healthy and thank you for the support <3
Much Luv Zoree

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