O’NEAL presents a captivating Tech House edit of “Dumebi”


“Dumebi (Edit)” by O’NEAL is a captivating Tech House masterpiece that effortlessly merges infectious grooves with an irresistible vocal hook. This track is a testament to O’NEAL’s prowess in creating music that moves both the body and the soul. The pulsating rhythm lays down a foundation of undeniably danceable beats, while the dynamic bassline commands the listener’s attention. The titular vocal refrain, “Dumebi,” adds a layer of euphoria, embedding itself in the mind.

This edit exudes a sense of controlled energy, making it a perfect addition to any DJ’s setlist. O’NEAL’s meticulous production skills shine through, ensuring a seamless blend of elements that seamlessly transition from peak dancefloor moments to more introspective interludes. With its fusion of infectious hooks and a pulsating soundscape, “Dumebi (Edit)” is a track that will resonate with the crowd. Available for free download on O’NEAL’s SoundCloud page, this track invites electronic music enthusiasts to groove without restraint.

Available for free download now, don’t miss it!


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