Nicholas Gunn Gears Up to Release ‘My Life ft. Alina Renae’ Alongside Dave Neven


The talented Producer and Composer Nicholas Gunn is getting ready to impress listeners once again with his upcoming release, ‘My Life’, a captivating new collaboration with Dave Neven and vocalist Alina Renae set for release this September 1st; this mesmerising release proves yet again why Nicholas Gunn is one to follow closely as he continues to search for innovative and compelling sounds, curating a distinctly unique sonic identity that is like no other within the Electronic Music realm.  

Nicholas Gunn’s work with top-tier names, like Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel, and Sam Martin, to name a few, has led to many well-deserved milestones within his long-standing career: his writing collaboration with Armin van Buuren and Aly & Fila on the track ‘For All Time’ secured the A State of Trance Tune of the Year award in 2021, and his first-ever artist collaboration with Dave Neven on the track, ‘Love You More’, earned a #43 position on A State of Trance Top 5. With an admirable passion and driven determination, Nicholas Gunn has an unstoppable work ethic that has seen him move across genres to become a prominent presence within Electronic Music; his wide-ranging musical experiences have supported his artistic growth, from his begins within the genres of Instrumental and World Music, Nicholas Gunn has continued to experiment and explore his sound, emerging now as a trailblazing force within Electronic Music.  

The Producer is now preparing to unveil this moving and powerful new Trance track that will highlight his indisputable talents and impressive signature sound; a stimulating and inspiring sonic experience, ‘My Life’ takes the listener on a journey through dreamy and ethereal sonic elements to deliver them within an intense and punchy soundscape that is as anthemic as it is euphoric. A must-listen for his fans, as well as all lovers of the genre, ‘My Life’ is an engaging and immersive listen poised to invigorate dancefloors across the globe. Prepare to delve into the creative and passionate world of Nicholas Gunn as he presents this exciting upcoming release. ‘My Life’ is set for release via Blue Dot Music on the 1st of September.  

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