Patricia Baloge Unveils Hypnotic Debut EP ‘Womb’


Fierce, daring and uncompromising, Patricia Baloge is the New York-based singer, producer and DJ that is destined to shake up the house music scene. From her Ghanaian roots, to her homes in the South of France and New York, Patricia channels her eclectic upbringing into every ounce of her craft. Embarking on a new chapter in her musical journey, Patricia Baloge delivers her debut EP, ‘Womb’.

Stream / Download: https://platoon.lnk.to/womb

Spreading a message of women’s empowerment, as well as inner emancipation, the ‘Womb’ EP beckons listeners into a deep and groovy soundscape across three productions, ‘Holy Trinity’, ‘Authentique’ and ‘Reborn’. Each track invites the listener deeper into Patricia’s own dimension, flaunting her rhythmic production prowess, as well as showcasing her hypnotic vocals. Fusing elements of Afro House with Deep Tech sensibilities, the ‘Womb’ EP brims with texture at every turn.
Multi-talented and ferociously determined, Patricia’s sound is a modern meet between Afro House and Deep Tech, resulting in a truly seductive blend. Marrying musical elements from all over the globe, her rich and diverse sound has secured her sets at some of the finest nightclubs. Spinning all around New York City, Patricia’s performances give listeners a glimpse into the depths of her repertoire, a sonic voyage across Progressive, Melodic, Afro House and Techno sounds. With her outstanding debut EP, this mesmerising musician readies listeners for what is yet to come.

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