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Following his latest appearances on prior HPS releases (Various Artists and Reshapes 01 and 02), Subduxtion is stepping out on his own with his brand-new release ‘Expanse’. This three-track release sees Subduxtion continuing to evolve his image with an inimitable sound unlike any other. Subduxtion’s ability to branch out and play with and combine a variety of sounds from percussion to deep pads to glitched-out electronics is what sets him apart from the rest. You can expect ‘Expanse’ to take you on a journey, as Subduxtion brings together elements of tech-house, dub, and ambient to shape his release as the dancefloor dominator he is bringing to the scene. Check out this behind the scenes interview from Subduxtion.

1. Hey Subduxtion, great to have you back. First off, how are you doing?

Thanks for having me back, much appreciated. I’m doing well and keeping creative. Finished a couple of new tracks and have a couple more in the works. I also re-configured my studio and that brought with it a burst of creativity.

2. For those who haven’t heard ‘Expanse’, how would you describe it?

First, it’s a three-track release. As for the sound of ‘Expanse’, I think it balances the more ethereal or trippy aspects of my sound while keeping elements that will work on a dancefloor. I can also envision it being something someone would put on post-clubbing for a late-night, early-morning comedown. Helping with changing one’s headspace while still not forgetting that you were just out for the night clubbing. It moves through the sonic worlds of Dub, Ambient-Techno, Minimal-Techno, and Tech-House.

3. Can you talk us through the inspiration and story behind ‘Expanse’?

Expanse started like most of my other releases with me just getting in the studio and recording without a plan. I tend to work in a similar mode to how I used to work in a band and that is to demo tracks to build ideas. I then go back to those demos/ideas and see which ones really inspire me to complete them. I tend to let the track dictate where it goes as opposed to trying make a certain genre track. As I developed a number of these demos (very rough ideas) certain ones began to coalesce into what felt like a cohesive release and that became ‘Expanse’. Each release is really a snapshot of what I’m into sonically at that moment. 

4. Who are your main music inspirations at the moment?

Right now, I’m really feeling the music of Steve Aoki, The Neptunes, Will.i.am, and John Tejada. I’ve also been listening some Melodic-Techno playlists on Spotify. I’m finding the sound of “Melodic-Techno” to have some interesting elements to it.

5. What techniques do you use to keep your creative spirit alive?

Besides the aforementioned studio re-configuration, I keep a consistent studio time schedule. I find getting into the studio at the same time, really helps keep my creative spirit/flow alive. While some people prefer to work on music when they feel inspired to do so, for me, I find my inspiration while being the studio. The quickest way for me to kill my creative spirit is to start getting lackadaisical on consistently getting in the studio.

6. What tips do you have for budding Producers wanting to crack the Dance Music Scene?

Cracking any scene requires patience and consistent effort. Nothing in the music business happens quickly, so you really must be in it for the long haul.  While it may seem that copying whatever is hot is the way to success, the truth is really that developing your own sound is the way to success. If you’re copying what’s hot now and you don’t become part of that scene at that moment, now you’re making yesterday’s sound.

7. Which artists would you love to see supporting the track?

Anja Schneider, Darko Milosevic, Nick Devon, Strinner and Lea Occhi

8. What else is in store for Subduxtion in 2021?

There’s a forthcoming two-track release called ‘Dust’ for Belgian label UMR. Beyond that is another two-track release for New York label, I&W Music. That release is still untitled but should be out in December.

9. What are your hopes for this release?

I hope that people who do listen it connect to it someway. That while listening to it, they get a sense of my sonic spirit. I also hope that with each release I’m getting better as both a producer and engineer.  

10. What plugins did you use to create the track?

I used a lot of the stock Ableton Live plugins (EQ Eight, Parallel Compression, reverb, and delay). I find that a lot of the stock plugins sound good and are quite easy to edit to create exactly the effect you’re looking for.  I augmented the Ableton plugins with the Brainworx Opto Compressor and Vertigo VSM-3, Arturia Analog Lab and Pigments 3, Output Portal, and reFX Nexus. The VSM-3 is the latest addition, and does it ever do wonders on the sound you’re processing through it. Lots of producers and engineers use is as part of their mastering chain but I use it as insert on my synth bass tracks and kick drums.

Subduxtion Online: SoundCloud / Spotify / Instagram / Beatport

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