Sam WOLFE and Turquoise Music drop new video for their techno track “Hold On”

Sam WOLFE, Turquoise Music

Sam WOLFE and Turquoise Music have recently released a new video for their exhilarating techno track “Hold On.” The audio for the track came out a couple of months ago via UMEK’s 1605, and the video is a great accompaniment, as it adds a new dimension to the peak time energy of the track.

Those who are familiar with UMEK and his record label 1605 will need little introduction to Sam WOLFE who has become a staple part of the imprint’s roster. Turquoise Music is a talented producer, DJ and vocalist who joined Sam WOLFE in the studio and provided vocals for the track.

Turquoise Music’s uplifting vocal tones provide great contrast with the ominous atmosphere of the techno groove, and the video also captures this with its dark-lit background cut by luminous coloured lighting. Not only did Turquoise Music provide the lyrics that give the track its name, but she also led the charge of the production of the video.

Working as the colourist, director and producer, Turquoise Music describes her vision for the video, saying: “Hold On” originated from a desire to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere that would captivate viewers. To infuse the production with my distinctive style, which features costumes that illuminate in unique ways, became a key focus. The incorporation of the Indian-style humming towards the song’s conclusion inspired a vision of belly dancing as a pivotal element.

“As an artist, I am dedicated to translate my personal artistic vision into my work, which is why I took on the roles of director, editor, and colourist for the video. Collaborating with Sam WOLFE, who shared a strong influence and gave vital input on the project, which led to a fantastic and productive video’s shoot, resulting in a final production that I feel is visually stunning.

“The costumes were designed and styled by Geek Junky who’s also worked with Disney, Tyler Perry and Doom Patrol. Director of Photography was Micheal Garcia, and props, grip and gaffer was provided by Twinn Productions who are a staple in the Atlanta music scene.”

This video puts a new spin on Hold On, as not only does it help remind people of the track, but it also helps bring the music to life.

The video can be watched in full below, and you can buy the music HERE.

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