Sander Wilder Starts the Year on a High, Delivering a Powerful Episode For ‘Global Feelings’


Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ continues to appear as a high-quality, exciting sonic experience, offering listeners an hour of striking track listings each and every month. As he kicked off 2024 with yet another stellar episode, Sander Wilder made sure to continue raising the bar, delivering fans a mix packed with the hottest sounds coming from the Progressive and Melodic genres within Electronic Music today: a powerful start to the year, January’s episode of ‘Global Feelings’ surely shows the impressive standard that Sander Wilder is sure to keep elevating.  

With work from a range of talent featured within the January episode, Sander Wilder’s radio show no doubt serves as an important platform within the genre; from the up-and-coming stars on the scene to the well-known Artists who continue to dominate, the line-up of gifted Producers that Sander Wilder spotlights surely comes as a credit to his impeccable tastes and original perspective on the genre. As he curates compelling sonic journeys with each episode, guiding his listeners through the diverse and varied landscape of Electronic Music, Sander Wilder ensures that the impact and influence of his show remains paramount: creative, immersive, and surprising, each episode of ‘Global Feelings’ no doubt leaves an impression.  

Throughout the January episode, Sander Wilder gave listeners a taste of tracks from budding Producers like Esthetique and Secretly Famous whilst balancing the mix with familiar music from Cosmic Gate and MEDUZA; an expansive selection, listeners are sure to have enjoyed the array of talent on display. As Sander Wilder presented a seamlessly blended episode, his mixing skills and own abilities as a Producer were no doubt evident, showcased not only through the stellar mix itself but also in the unreleased material offered from his own production catalogue: teasing fans with an exciting new track, Sander Wilder made sure listeners remained captivated and hooked to his distinct signature sound.  

As ‘Global Feelings’ continues to come as another form of Sander Wilder’s creative expression, the music featured within the show no doubt provides more insight into Sander Wilder himself, illustrating his unique take on Electronic Music. So, an unmissable listen for any fan of his, or indeed of the genre itself, make sure to tune into the next episode of ‘Global Feelings’ this February. 

Listen to ‘Global Feelings’ here: 

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