September Saw Shawn Jackson Present Epic Mixes For His Radio Show ‘Higher Grounds Radio’


Unleashing another month filled with striking episodes, Shawn Jackson’s ‘Higher Grounds Radio’ shined throughout September, delivering meticulously crafted mixes that certainly brought an exhilarating and refreshing energy to the Electronic Music scene. Throughout the month, listeners enjoyed a series of powerful track line-ups, captivated by the fresh new sounds of the genre as Shawn Jackson presented dynamically engaging sonic experiences that are sure to have left listeners craving more from the talented Producer and DJ.

When it comes to his ability to curate hard-hitting listens, there is no one quite like Shawn Jackson; passionate in his drive and enthusiastic in his determination, the unique signature sound that Shawn Jackson has developed never fails to garner him attention from listeners around the globe. Powerfully punchy and intensely energetic, Shawn Jackson’s sonic identity appears as the perfect emblem of his passion for Electronic Music and as he continues expressing his creativity with each ‘Higher Grounds Radio’ episode, Shawn Jackson is sure to gather more followers, growing in popularity and rising higher among the list of coveted talents on the Electronic Music scene.

September energised listeners with tracks from heavyweights like Castion, Eli Brown, and Gene Farris and introduced them to rising Artists including Angel Heredia and Hotinga; with such a diverse line-up of talent on display, ‘Higher Grounds Radio’ establishes itself as a haven for exploration, confident as it dives deep into the genre to discover the hottest new sounds on the scene. As he leads the way, presenting a determined pursuit of innovation and originality, Shawn Jackson solidifies his place within Electronic Music as a unique arbiter of taste, one worthy of recognition.  

Shawn Jackson’s experienced knowledge of Electronic Music shines through in every episode, having had over 30 years in the industry, he shares a unique and well-thought-out perspective on the genre that sees listeners hooked to his captivating style time and time again. Growing in reputation, it is only a matter of time before ‘Higher Grounds Radio’ reaches new heights, achieving even more creative milestones for Shawn Jackson.

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