Meetch Delivers More Smash Episodes of His Radio Show ‘Digital Dance Radio’ Throughout September


As he takes strides in the world of Electronic Music, emerging as a talented and prominent figure on the scene, Meetch has taken to explore another avenue of his creativity; with his new radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’, the Producer and DJ continues to impress listeners as he lights up the airwaves with stellar mixes, showcasing his unmatched talents and innovative perspective on Electronic Dance Music.

September proved to be another exciting month on the show, as Meetch presented tracks from the likes of Silver Panda, TV Noise, and Habstrakt, to name just a few; with such a vibrant and diverse selection of tracks presented in each episode, it is not surprising that listeners keep coming back week after week. As ‘Digital Dance Radio’ continues to build traction, Meetch’s name within the genre is sure to gain a reputation, poised to become known across the globe as a creative talent whose exceptional tastes mark him as a noteworthy tastemaker within Electronic Music.

As he continues bringing electrifying energy with every episode, Meetch displays a skilled talent that enables him to curate immersive and engaging sonic experiences, taking listeners on a journey through the hottest tracks of the genre, injecting them with thumping beats, infectious rhythms, and party-starter vibes. High in quality, Meetch’s unique mixing style has attracted the attention of genre lovers worldwide, enthralling them with his innovative take on Dance Music. As Meetch delves into the genre to present some of the most exciting stars on the scene, ‘Digital Dance Radio’ is certainly on a trajectory to becoming the go-to place for both fans and newcomers of Electronic Music to explore the genre’s vast and expansive landscape.

Throughout September’s episodes, Meetch invigorated listeners with punchy track line-ups, adding a lively colour to the mix that is sure to have left them feeling energised and invigorated. As he continues to enthral his followers with the striking and fresh sounds of Electronic Dance Music, Meetch ensures that the popularity of ‘Digital Dance Radio’ will keep growing, setting the show on a path that will no doubt see it reaching new heights as it continues to drop unmissable episodes each week.

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