September’s Episode of Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ Delivered a Diverse and Captivating Listen


Sander Wilder’s podcast is fast making a name for itself within the Electronic Music realm; with a growing reputation, ‘Global Feelings’ is leading the way for unique creative expression, showcasing Sander Wilder’s passionate enthusiasm for the genre and devotion to bringing the freshest new sounds to his listeners around the globe. As Sander Wilder gears up each month to share his own unique perspective on the genre, followers remain hooked; delivering the sounds of the Progressive House and Melodic genres, Sander Wilder’s episodes raise the bar and, as he pushes against expectation, never failing in his pursuit to create energetic and engaging sonic experiences, his impressive mixing talents remain clear.

September was another smash month for ‘Global Feelings’, introducing followers to new tracks from a varied collection of gifted Artists within Electronic Music. Standing out as a memorable moment, Sander Wilder presented his latest release ‘Into The Abyss’; a driving, energetic new track that promises to elevate Sander Wilder’s name to new heights, the appearance of his new release within September’s episode highlighted his undeniable skills as a Producer, shining a light on his hard-hitting and dynamic signature sound. There is no doubt that Sander Wilder is a mighty force on the scene; as he presents a skilled production sound and a seemingly instinctive ability to curate vibrant mixes and enthralling sonic journeys, this Producer and DJ is sure to continue garnering attention from genre enthusiasts, earning him status as an innovator and trailblazer within Electronic Music.

As his September mix kept the quality high and the energy up, Sander Wilder displayed some of the hottest new tracks coming out of Electronic Music. With works from Stan Kolev, Redspace, The Advocate, Kiholm, Paragon, and Stone Van Brooken included in the month’s episode, Sander Wilder invited listeners to enjoy the diversity and wide range of talent currently emerging from Electronic Music. Delving into the eclectic landscape of the genre, Sander Wilder presented a meticulously constructed mix, thought out in its seamless delivery of tracks, carefully curating a listening journey that will no doubt have impressed.

September on ‘Global Feelings’ delivered another unmissable instalment of striking track listings, bringing a stimulating and inspiring vibe to the airwaves. A podcast that is poised to become one of the guiding influencers within Electronic Music as it continues to present the exciting sounds of the genre, ‘Global Feelings’ is certainly a must-listen; so, if you are yet to tune in, make sure to listen to next month’s episode as Sander Wilder is guaranteed to bring his distinct signature sound into the mix.

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