September’s ‘Late Checkout’ Episodes Ignite the Airwaves with Adrien Toma and Smith & Sorren as Special Guests


September on Avi Sic’s radio show, ‘Late Checkout,’ was another month filled with stellar episodes; energising listeners with meticulously crafted mixes and presenting her own unique signature style, Avi Sic proved her undeniable talents and exceptional tastes once again. As she welcomed yet more special guests onto the show, Avi Sic further solidified ‘Late Checkout’ as one of the most exciting listens on the scene, cementing it as a front-running tastemaker within Electronic Music.

A treat for followers of the show, Adrien Toma and Smith & Sorren both joined the party to take over the decks, delivering high-energy mixes they injected ‘Late Checkout’ with their individual powerful mixing styles, curating immersive sonic experiences that certainly amped up the vibes in September. Both exciting additions to the show, last month’s guests each brought their own unique perspectives on Electronic Dance Music into the mix, shining a light on the diversity and fresh range of sounds currently developing within the genre; their episodes served as a refreshing reminder of the high-quality talent that Electronic Music is cultivating, cementing ‘Late Checkout’ as the perfect landing place for fans to discover hot new tracks and revel in the vibrant landscape of the genre. 

Standing out as another memorable moment of the month, Avi Sic introduced her latest release, ‘Relax’ to her listeners; as she invited them to enjoy the high-octane soundscape, presenting the intensely groovy vibes of the track, Avi Sic showcased her talents as a Producer. With a unique style that sees her consistently delivering exhilarating and captivating music, Avi Sic stands out; her unwavering passion and relentless drive make her unstoppable and the enthusiasm that she presents each week in her radio show only serves to reaffirm her prominent position within Electronic Music, marking her status as an innovative talent as she continues climbing higher on the list of sought-after Artists on the scene.

As September brought yet another series of electrifying episodes, Avi Sic ensured that the reputation and popularity of her radio show continues to grow; bringing her infectious energy to the airwaves, there is no doubt that ‘Late Checkout’ is a must-listen for all fans of the genre as it continues to showcase the very best of Electronic Music every week.

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