Tony Kay Delivers Captivating September Mixes, Featuring His Latest Hit ‘Dihya’


A ground-breaking addition to the world of Electronic Music, Tony Kay’s radio show, ‘In The Mix’ continues to impress; as it gains attention from genre enthusiasts around the globe, the show’s popularity is growing fast, and as he delivered another month of smash episodes throughout September, Tony Kay made certain that ‘In The Mix’ continues on its trajectory to becoming the principal tastemaker within Electronic Music today.

Throughout September, Tony Kay presented fresh and exciting tracks to his followers, immersing them in carefully curated mixes and engaging them in dynamic and powerful listens. As he injected the show with his own innovative style, adding an energetic flavour to the listening experience, Tony Kay showcased his unparalleled ability to build unforgettable auditory adventures that never fail to enthral and exhilarate. His unmatched talents mark him as a fresh and unique presence on the Electronic Music scene, one whose impressive abilities see him dominating the genre and earning the admiration and support from fans worldwide. ‘In The Mix’ has proved to be a creative pursuit that has only taken Tony Kay’s name to even higher heights and, as it reaches audiences far and wide, now being featured on over 20 international radio stations, the show further cements Tony Kay as an innovator worth following as he keeps showcasing his outstanding talents and admirable tastes.  

A treat for listeners in September, Tony Kay presented his latest track ‘Dihya’; a track that is no doubt already a firm favourite for genre lovers as it continues to be well-received by listeners, the funky and mighty-sounding vibes of ‘Dihya’ ignited the airwaves in fiery excitement, bringing a groovy and punchy colour into the mix.

Tony Kay has established himself within Electronic Music as an innovative trailblazer whose passionate devotion and dedication to his art supports his continued growth and evolvement as an Artist. With an addictive energy and original intriguing style, Tony Kay is making his mark on the genre, and his radio, ‘In The Mix,’ appears as an exciting addition to his creative expression that will no doubt further reinforce his influential status within the genre.

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