This Was Avi Sic’s ‘Late Checkout’ in April


Avi Sic’s ‘Late Checkout’ has been a leading platform for the best Electronic Dance music worldwide, and the show’s April episodes were no exception. With a mix of established and emerging artists, the show continues to attract a growing audience of music enthusiasts who appreciate its unique and powerful sound.

In April, ‘Late Checkout’ featured two special guests, Rick Wonder and SKIY, who added their unique style to the already diverse episodes. These special guests joined the list of star-studded DJs and producers who have previously graced the show, including BLOND:ISH, Nicky Romero, Wave Wave, Leftwing:Cody, Gianluca Vacchi, Jack Wins, and Mike Williams.

In addition to the special guests, Avi Sic also shared her latest mixes with her listeners, featuring tracks by Kx5, Icona Pop, and Vintage Culture; these tracks were some of the standouts in this month’s episodes, showcasing the show’s eclectic mix of different genres of Electronic Dance music, from House to Future House and Bass House.

Avi Sic’s mixing style is what sets ‘Late Checkout’ apart from other radio shows; her ability to seamlessly blend different genres of Electronic Dance music, while maintaining the energy of the mix, is unparalleled. This is why ‘Late Checkout’ has quickly become a popular choice among music enthusiasts who are eager to discover the latest and greatest Electronic Dance music tracks.

‘Late Checkout’ continues to be a must-listen for anyone looking for an eclectic mix of the hottest new tracks in the Electronic Dance music scene, with its reputation for delivering energetic mixes that keep the party going, the show is definitely worth tuning in to. Make sure to follow Avi Sic’s latest updates and tune in to ‘Late Checkout’ on one of the 50+ radio stations worldwide or weekly over Soundcloud to stay up to date with its new episodes.

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