ZEHV Shares A Glimpse Into The Behind The Scenes Process Of His EP ‘Ōkami’


ZEHV recently released his highly anticipated EP ‘Ōkami’, the 2-track production is filled with energetic sounds and a refreshing vibe that fits perfectly with this sunny season. The skillful DJ and music producer has kept busy in the studio creating new tracks and perfecting his characteristic style that will surely find a growing base of listeners in the coming months. While he gets ready to release new hard-hitting music, we sat down with him to ask more details about the behind the scenes of the production of his EP, and what’s coming in the future. 

  1. Hello ZEHV, how are you? 
    Heyooo, I’m doing great thanks! 
  1. Your EP ‘Ōkami’ is out now following much anticipation, can you tell us what was the initial idea behind working on this production? 
    Ōkami started out with a pretty simple melodic element and groove I liked. I got lucky discovering that vocal sample which made the rest of the track just fall into place. It’s so catchy and it just stuck in my head! 
  1. What was the biggest inspiration for this EP? 
    I made Ōkami in Spring of 2021 and I always like to imagine how dance floors are going to receive certain tracks based on the vibe, I don’t think there was any particular inspiration for it other than the coming out of winter and wanting something fun to dance too.  
  1. Does the EP have any sonic or musical influences? 
    I think a little bit of Pryda with the pluck melody I created. 
  1. What kind sound did you want to achieve with the title track ‘Ōkami’? 
    The melody during the breakdown was actually originally supposed to be the main melody, but it was just too dreamy / atmospheric. However, it fit perfectly into that breakdown, taking the listener into a new world for a minute, and then right back into the groove! 
  1. What kind of sound did you want to achieve with the track ‘It’s So Simple’? 
    When I made this track I was just purely experimenting, and wanting something that was fun and weird and would make me go crazy on a dance floor. It’s hard for me not to smile every time the beat comes in! 
  1. How long did it take you to finish producing the EP? 
    It probably took a total of 2-3 months to finish both tracks. 
  1. Did you use any samples? 
    Yes, many. The vocal samples in ‘Ōkami’ and ‘It’s So Simple’ and many of the drum samples I collected over the years.  
  1. Using 3 words, how would you describe the EP? 
    Groovy, Fun, Big 
  1. What are you currently working on? 
    Right now, I have a few projects in the works, including a really fun, kind of funky progressive track and a more mysterious and darker slower progressive track. I try and vary up my styles from track to track.  

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