AVAION talks new single with Why So Sad, 100 million streams on Pieces, and dream moments of 2022


Electronic maestro AVAION brings 2022 to a sublime close with his final release of the year ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ in collaboration with Berlin-based producers Why So Sad. Following the release, we sit down with AVAION to hear all about the new single and some of his top moments from over the last twelve months including an astounding milestone on global hit Pieces!

Hey AVAION! Thanks for talking to us today. Which part of the world are you talking to us from? And what has your day brought so far? 

Hey! I’m currently in my studio in Germany. The weather s so cold and grey here at the moment but I try to use that time to work on new music.  

We saw on Instagram recently that your single ‘Pieces’ hit over 100 million Spotify streams. Wow! What emotions did you feel around this? And ultimately, what is it about this song do you think that has made it such a hit? 

Yeah, that’s one of the best feelings. I’m so grateful to know there is such a huge amount of people listening to and enjoying my songs! I think Pieces was the start of a new type of genre and I’m glad people like it. I think everyone can feel different emotions when they listen to the song and that makes it kinda special. It’s like dreamy and melancholic but you could also dance to it. 

In 2022 you shared a lot of new music. Singles included ‘Lies,’ ‘Keep On Dancing’ and ‘Hope’ to name a few. Do you think you’ll look to release an album in the near future? 

I have like 100 unfinished songs on my laptop so I definitely plan to release an album in the near future but I want to make it something really special. The whole album should tell a story.  

Latest single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ with Why So Sad came out on Friday 2nd December. What was the creative process like on this single? 

The boys from Why so Sad and I are good friends, and we enjoy setting up studio sessions together so we decided to make a follow up song to our 2021 single Fallin.’ We met in Munich in their studio and finished the song in one session. 

Why So Sad x AVAION ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ out now via Sony Music.

This is your second single together with Why So Sad, what is it about their work that you admire? And how do you think that your unique sounds complement each other? 

Why So Sad are one of the best producers that I know. Their workflow and skill level are incredible. I enjoy it so much to sit in the session with them and I also learn a lot in the process. After the success of Fallin’ it was clear that we needed to make another song together.  

‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ has a real uplifting spirit with an ethos of savouring a moment in time. Looking back on 2022, can you tell us about a moment where you felt you were in a dream you didn’t want to wake up from? 

I made a big dream of me come true in the beginning of 2022. I finally got my own studio and worked on it on my own. The feeling of opening the door to your own studio and have your own space to work in is one of the best feelings.  

You’ve also been dabbling in the metaverse for the new single. What was your experience of a virtual concert like? And do you think this is a positive thing for the music industry? 

It was a totally new experience. I remember seeing my character for the show for the first time and it was such a weird feeling because every detail was there. I think it’s something cool and it will be something that will be done more in future.  

We’ve caught you sharing some experimental clips on you Instagram feed of you exploring new beats. Can we expect even more new music from you soon? 

Yes! I want to finish even more music in 2023 and I have so many cool projects laying around that are just waiting for me to finish them haha! I will also experiment a lot with different sounds and styles and try to improve my own style even more. 

What are was your favourite release by another artist in 2022? 

Nu aspect – Strings Attached  

What are you most excited for in 2023? 

I’m looking forward to doing a lot of live shows next year. Also, a lot of international gigs so that’s going to be something new and exciting for me. Most importantly, I’m excited about releasing new music! I already can’t wait to show the world.  

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