Melleefresh Shares Details About Her 2022, Talks About Her Top Tracks of The Year And Her Holiday Plans


2023 is approaching and what better way to welcome it than to remember the main highlights of the past year. Music, unique milestones and new projects are some of the things Melleefresh experienced in 2022. We invited her to talk more about what this past year meant, what she learned and what are her plans for the holidays. 

Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. 2022 is almost over, we want to know what is your most important highlight of the year, both musically and personally?  

Being able to get back out into clubs and going to industry events like ADE. Working with people safely is a joy. I had some super-amazeballs writing sessions with some high-profile peeps, so releases coming for 2023. Personally, oh well let’s see, I had an unexpected emergency appendicitis in August and Instagramed the whole thing. I did see Care Bears on the ceiling – that was weird!! 

What was your favorite release of 2022 (of your own)?  
My Redux series finally concluded with the ‘Hey Baby’ Redux single in September and the release of the Redux album in November. 

And what was your favorite track of the year from someone else?  
MKLA & Zeds Dead – ‘In Your Mind’  

Did you have any special standout shows this year either that you played or attended?  
Swingamajig in Birmingham UK and a pop-up event I did at Peach Berserk in Toronto. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned in life 2022?  
Follow the lessons you’ve already learned from previous years. 

And following on, what was the biggest lesson you learned in music?  
Nothing changes. 

If you could send yourself a message to you 5 years ago, what would it be and why?  
Hurry up. I’m waiting for you five years in the future. 

How has your sound developed in 2022?  
More of the same. Like, the same, but much more. So, I guess, much more of the same. Which is actually more than just more of the same. 

Who would you say was the most innovative artist in 2022? 
UK’s Jazmin Bean, doll like Goth style, Pop, Trap, Metal Hyper Pop, cute in a scary way and Ashnikko  

American based in UK, Indie, Pop singer rapper, both these two have such a unique look and style, their videos are also out of this world! Incredible costumes and imagery; dying to see what they will do next, both super exciting performers. 

Which label or labels do you think where at the top of their game in 2022?  
Defected were totalleee on top this year, Tried and True making bigger waves then ever, Simon Dunmore is a legend. I’m curious to see what their next moves will be, since they recently were acquired by The New Era music company. 

If any, do you have any regrets for the year behind us?  
I wish I could have stayed in London longer. Whenever I’m there, I always record stuff at my studio Play Deep. Then on the flight back, I think of more vocals I wish I had recorded. Or workshopped with producers in the studio there, face to face. Such a great vibeeee and place to be. 

What are your plans for the holidays?  
To go lie on beach and regenerate my engine I need it! 

Just for fun, if you had to take a classic Christmas song and remix it, what style would it be and what could we expect? 
I would do a version of ‘Santa Baby’ in a Tech House/Future House style at 130 bpm, me singing of course. 

Where will you be spending New Year’s Eve?  
In Mexico!! 

If you had to put 2022 into one sentence, what would it be? 
The beginning of new beginnings. 

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