Meetch Unveils His Electrifyingly Energetic New Radio Show ‘Digital Dance Radio’


Unleashing his powerful energy and passionate creativity, Meetch presents his new smash radio show, ‘Digital Dance Radio’. With an electrifying sound and mighty signature style that has been captivating listeners around the globe, this talented Producer and DJ is now taking his name to new heights as he delivers striking episodes that feature tracks from some of the hottest names within Electronic Dance Music. A ground-breaking new addition to the scene, ‘Digital Dance Radio’ promises to bring a refreshing vibe, cementing the radio show as a must-listen for all fans of the genre.

Having had over a decade of experience on the live DJ circuit, Meetch has developed a uniquely distinct mixing style that sets him apart from his peers; with a high-quality talent and magnetic charisma, Meetch is a force to behold. Now bringing his DJ experience to his new radio show, Meetch is sure to elevate the airwaves as he promises to deliver dynamic, bold, and sonically surprising moments for his listeners, capturing their attention with hard-hitting beats, infectious grooves, and anthemic-sounding productions.

Kicking off the show with a powerful punch, August brought a stellar lineup of talent as Meetch presented a vibrant mix of tracks from artists like Matroda, Glass Petals, and Dimension: an explosive and compelling start to ‘Digital Dance Radio’. 

As he keeps exploring this new outlet of his creativity, Meetch showcases a skilled knowledge of the genre and admirable dedication to his art; with an enthusiasm and love for hard-hitting music that cannot help but be contagious, Meetch presents an exciting and fresh new perspective on Electronic Music. A powerful force, Meetch is fast becoming one of the most thrilling tastemakers currently on the scene as he dives deep into the revolutionary sounds of the genre, shining a light on the vibrant diversity of Electronic Music. So make sure to tune into the next episodes, as Meetch is sure to raise the bar to heights beyond the realms of imagination.

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