Dirg Gerner conjures up childlike wonder 


on new single ‘My Heart’

The elusive maverick artist returns with a raw and emotive groover

Acclaimed soulster Dirg Gerner unveils his enchanting 

new single ‘My Heart’, out on 30th June.

A mélange of falsetto vocals and reverb-soaked guitars over a shuffling groove, ‘My Heart’ is a richly captivating listen. Reflecting on themes of childhood innocence and wonder, Dirg Gerner conjures deep truths in this simple yet powerful arrangement. 

The single comes accompanied by a blissful music video directed by the Cycles Studio collective. Addressing Gerner’s enigmatic absence with an opening caption of “where have you been?” it features the artist road tripping through sunny countryside with a childhood version of himself.

“The video concept started from the idea that we as adults are really just children lost in time. The heart seems to never lose its child-like pureness and is arguably the most important compass for decision-making.” Dirg Gerner explains. “Sometimes we as adults need to be reminded of the importance of being spontaneous more than analytical, and to maintain a general curiosity. We take things for granted quickly and forget to meet even the most ordinary experiences in life with a sense of awe. The idea was to portray an adult person to be reminded to see the world with uncorrupted innocent eyes and to restore and maintain a childlike perception: a more innocent state of wonder and appreciation.”

Dirg Gerner is a lover, a vulnerable observer, and an artist who’s managed to create an effective interface with an ever-accelerating world. He first emerged onto the music scene as a featured artist on critically acclaimed songs, gaining recognition and support from renowned figures such as Benji B, The XX, Gilles Peterson and Ommas Keith. His self-titled debut EP in 2013 captivated music enthusiasts, showcasing his silky smooth voice and skilfully crafted songs. Known as an elusive maverick of Chilean and German descent, Dirg left an indelible impact before disappearing, leaving listeners longing for more.

He may appear mysterious and media-shy; but when it comes to vocalising, he’s a raw, uncut soul-element. His writing is marked by manifested emotion. Unintentionally off-grid and committed to his personal evolution, he is more of a soul-documentarian than a singer-songwriter. His writing is equally cherished by like-minded peers, hence you can find the Dirg Gerner name in song credits by Theo Croker, Jamilla Woods and others, reaffirming his dedication to authentic expression. The man is a natural born introvert. Over the years, his acute ability to hone in on the essence of things transformed into something of a super power – manifest through sound and poetry. In a world jaded – caustic and pre-packaged in plastic – he’s an example of an artist who remains fearless with his humanity.

‘My Heart’ is a stirring single from an artist bearing his soul – and his melodic talents. Dirg Gerner is an artist at the top of his game. 

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