Exclusive Interview: Pete Flame & FlyMyk


An exclusive interview of the DJ duo and electronic music producers from Hungary

-How did you meet and when your friendship started? 

FlyMyk (FM): We met in high school and our friendship started right away as we both loved electronic music. Pete was already experimenting with music production, DJing (on vinyl, then on CDs), created lots of compilations and mashups. 

Pete Flame (PF): Yeah that was good fun! Myk was always the first reviewer. He has always been a super extroverted person, who does not mind the spotlight and loved to dance and party. I think we totally maxed out the ‘90s

-How and when did your career begin as Pete Flame&FlyMyk?

PF: Actually, we already had various formations before that. A pop/rap band in high school then a proper hip-hop duo with Myk later on. Did this for fun only, our big love was always house music.

FM: We visited some nice festivals in our early 30s where we saw all these top DJs, and one of our friend was saying why don’t you do an EDM project, where Pete could dj and Myk would use the mic to ‘entertain’ the crowd. So we came up with this name and had a small party in 2016 with this setup which was sketchy but fun. There was no intention to continue at that time, simply thought it was a one-time only performance. Few months later I had to take care of a friend’s DJ controller for a while and I gave it a try. Somehow managed to mix few tracks and got hooked into this. So when we had the same party a year later we were both mixing. We became popular among friends so from that moment on we are performing as PFFM (short name for Pete Flame & FlyMyk). I even managed to book some corporate events to play on. 

-Which is your first track ever released and from which label?

PF: Our very first track as PFFM was ‘Aliento’ that we self-released this April. We were not really looking for a label that point as we just wanted to get it out there, to see how distribution works and learn from the experience. The first proper label release was with Alveda Music, our second track, called ‘Thinking About You’. 

-With which labels and artists have you worked on?

FM: We have only worked with Alveda Music Group so far, they provide a great support. There are some remixes in production for our track, ‘Thinking About You’ at this moment which some fresh, talented artists, let’s keep them as a secret for now. 

-What do you think about your favourite artists?

PF: We listen to loads of different genres from nu-disco through EDM to House & Techno – and have favourites in each, but that changes rapidly. Good thing about electronic music is that new awesome artists show up all the time. 

FM: Some of my favourite artists (eg. Mark Knight, Purple Disco Machine) who we look up to due to their unmistaken style and their influence on the music industry, not to speak about the constant quality they deliver both in the clubs and in the studio over these years. We’ve been to Ibiza several times, the music and parties there inspired us very much. 

-Do you have any dreams and plans for the future?

FM: Of course we are full of plans, there is a plan to release some remixes of ‘Thinking About You’, and we also have some ideas to work on for the next couple of months. Our very next track, ‘Dance With Me’, will be released on October 26th by Alveda Music. Can’t wait for it!

PF: We’d like to continue this journey we just began and create great dance tunes. At the moment the focus is on EDM/Future House but will also try ourselves out in other genres. Our other aim at the moment is to get to a wider audience through DJs and playlists. Would be great to hear our songs played in sets. Myk has an ambition to play on the biggest Hungarian electronic music festival, the Balaton Sound. 

-Do you play any instruments?

PF: Yes, all of them… via plugins, haha! Jokes aside – I get along with the midi keyboard, unfortunately that’s it. Still, it helps with the production process a lot. 

-Have you been in competitions?

FM:  Not yet, but we might consider entering one if we find it inspiring. We rather like to work on things which come from our heart so try not to force ourselves to work on something that we don’t get inspired. 

-Do you perform in public as a DJ?

FM:  We are not into touring as a DJ since we both have our day-to-day profession and family, but we have played at smaller and some bigger local events. The top was a Christmas party with about 1400 people, which was massive!

-How do you think the electronic music scene was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

PF: COVID-19 screwed up everyone’s life pretty much and we also missed to get inspired by festivals or other live sets we normally attend to, but it had a positive impact in terms of the time we could dedicate to production. 

FM: Also it was good exercise to try how livestreams works, which is fun but we found more stressful than playing in front of a live audience. This is a pity that many streaming platforms implemented more strict measurements by now so we just can hope there will be a vaccine very soon and we can get back to normal in 2021. 

-On a personal level, what music do you listen to in your free time? Do you have other activities beside music? 

FM: It really depends on our mood, where and with who we are. We both have a wide range of music we like to listen and we can get inspiration from many genre. If we have to pick one genre, we both would probably go for ‘House music’. Personally I like to play bowling, or going for a bike ride with family and recently just got into running. 

PF: Definitely, spending time with kids is always refreshing. I also like playing darts, helps to concentrate. Some ideas, melodies often come to mind meanwhile. 

-Thank you for the interview. Any message or last words to the fans? 

PFFM: Thanks for all the support and love so far, it means a lot! Hold on these difficult times, it will be over soon, and we can party together again! 

Follow Pete Flame & FlyMyk on the social media: https://my.alv.link/glpffm

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