VIP Names and High-Energy Mixes: June was a Memorable Month on Meetch’s ‘Digital Dance Radio’


June was undoubtedly an exciting month for fans of Meetch’s radio show, ‘Digital Dance Radio.’ Known for his innovative mixes, Meetch delivered a series of compelling episodes during the month, showcasing his talent and deep passion for Electronic Dance Music while highlighting his growing reputation as several heavyweight names took to the decks. With each episode featuring a meticulously curated selection of tracks, Meetch, once again, invited listeners on a dynamic sonic journey, presenting his original tastes and distinct approach.  

A particular highlight within June, Meetch welcomed an impressive line-up of guests, with VASSY, Marc Benjamin, and liquidfive joining ‘Digital Dance Radio’. As they each brought their unique flair to the show, elevating the episodes with diverse and enthralling sounds, the appearance of such renowned Artists no doubt came as proof of Meetch’s own rising status within the genre, a credit to the captivating journey he continues to lead. With VASSY incorporating well-known Artists like Jonas Blue and BYOR into his mix, Marc Benjamin and liquidfive took the opportunity to highlight work from their own catalogue. With the guest collaborations highlighting Meetch’s commitment to showcasing top-tier talent, June’s episodes no doubt delivered high-quality and engaging content to listeners. 

In addition to the guest episodes, Meetch enriched ‘Digital Dance Radio’ with his own mixes. Celebrating some of the hottest sounds within Electronic Music, featuring Artists like John Summit and Deniz Koyu, Meetch’s mixes added to the vibrant energy of the show, demonstrating his ability to create powerful listening experiences whilst shining a light on his knowledge and deep appreciation for the genre itself. 

As Meetch continues to deliver punchy episodes, leaning on his understanding of Electronic Music whilst taking inspiration from his tastes and musical passions, ‘Digital Dance Radio’ maintains an exciting place within the genre, quickly gaining traction as a prominent destination for enthusiasts. So, make sure to be tuned into ‘Digital Dance Radio’ throughout July as Meetch promises to deliver another thrilling collection of episodes to fans. 

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