Melleefresh Curates an Energetic Dancefloor Journey in July’s Radio Show Episodes


Intensifying the airwaves, Melleefresh’s extraordinary radio show “Melleefresh House Party” brought an electrifying heat to listeners around the globe throughout the month of July. Deserving attention, the show delivers magnetic mixes alive in infectious rhythms and intensely groovy soundscapes. As she curates unmissable episodes, Mellefresh is making powerful moves within Electronic Dance Music, continually pushing boundaries as she dives into its vibrant and colourful world.  

There is no one quite like Melleefresh when it comes to captivating audiences and thrilling listeners with surprising sonic experiences; as she carefully curates a signature blend of Dance tracks that are mighty in anthemic nature and energetic in party vibe, Melleefresh showcases her talents as DJ to be a versatile expression of her passion for the genre. With enthusiasm and love for hard-hitting music that cannot help but be contagious, Melleefresh delivers an exciting and fresh new perspective on the genre. 

July brought a month of episodes filled with pulse-racing mixes and inspiring track line-ups, as she featured established artists on the scene as well as tracks from her own impressive catalogue of releases, Melleefresh demonstrates an innate ability to unite listeners in exhilarating joy, reminding us of the power that music holds. Getting groovy with her mixing style, Melleefresh creates an unmatched energy that promises to ignite dancefloors and motivate ecstatic motion in her listeners; a thrilling adventure through the vividly dynamic landscape of Electronic Dance music, “Melleefresh House Party” is a must-listen for all genre enthusiasts.  

As one of the hottest radio shows on the scene, it is unsurprising that July’s episodes delivered such energy and passion, enthralling listeners with tracks from artists like Gettoblaster, Sidney Samson, and Jason Hersco. As Mellefresh continues to deliver an incredible line-up of tracks, “Melleefresh House Party” is sure to keep bringing the party, immersing listeners in its bold and exciting sonic atmosphere. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to tune in to the next instalment because it promises to be even more remarkable. 

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