Shawn Jackson Presents ‘Higher Grounds Radio’: a Powerful Listening Adventure


Electrifying the airwaves and captivating listeners worldwide, Shawn Jackson’s new radio show, “Higher Grounds Radio”, is already cementing its place as a must-listen for all fans of Electronic Dance Music. As he features tracks from iconic artists within the genre and productions from his own impressive release catalogue, Shawn Jackson delivers an immersive listening experience, demonstrating his exceptional tastes and admirable mixing skills.  

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Shawn Jackson lends a masterful hand to the decks, skilfully curating thoughtful track line-ups that engage listeners from the very first track. Bringing the hottest tracks from the genre and showcasing fresh and exciting new sounds, Shawn Jackson presents a highly energetic show that shines a light on the eclectic and colourful landscape of Electronic Dance Music. A sonically surprising journey that guides listeners through the works of established artists, whilst enveloping them in the impressive talents of the next generation of Producers and DJs currently emerging on the scene, “Higher Grounds Radio” displays a fresh and innovative perspective on the genre. Diverse in its list of featured artists, “Higher Grounds Radio” is the perfect destination for both genre veterans to discover new music and newcomers looking for their first taste in Electronic Dance Music.  

Dropping new episodes weekly, Shawn Jackson translates his electrifying signature production style into thrilling and passionate radio mixes that are sure to evoke motion in his listeners. As he gets groovy, delivering high-octane episodes overflowing with pulse-racing energy, Shawn Jackson presents himself as a luminary in the genre whose production and mixing style is unmatched. Feeding listeners with unique mixes that have the perfect balance of new talent and genre icons, Shawn Jackson shows an innate ability to curate exciting auditory experiences, capturing attention and leaving his listeners hungry for more. As he solidifies his trailblazing place within the genre, Shawn Jackson’s “Higher Grounds Radio” promises to keep bringing the party; with a following that is only set to grow, the show is poised to take over airwaves around the world with its bold and vibrant energy. Make sure to follow Shawn Jackson and the show as it presents new weekly episodes every month. 

Listen to “Higher Grounds Radio” here: 


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