Racism against unvaccinated people for COVID-19 is raising in Europe


Governments (for example in Greece) announcing that restaurant / bar owners may have the right to do not allow unvaccinated people. Also, employers may have the right to ask for a vaccination certificate in order to hire an employee.

Many people have chosen to do not to get the vaccine, some of them just had COVID-19 in the past with just a few symptoms. Many governments are wasting their resources for vaccinating people that don’t even need it, with fake news that vaccinated people are not spreading the virus.

For children, it may be a huge risk in the future as nobody can guarantee 100% that we will not see cancers, heart problems or other health issues.

By just checking the latest stats of COVID-19 cases after vaccination in UAE, we can simply say that some governments are hiding information and using fake news (without any proof) in order to push for more vaccinations.

At the moment the most successful country fighting against COVID-19 seems to be Vietnam based on stats.

But imagine yourself passed COVID-19 without any symptoms several months ago, without being vaccinated, but not being able to go on your favorite local restaurant or bar. Such a shame.

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